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Welcome to the characters page! Here we have all the characters in "Acting Out" listed and a short description of each one. This page can be used as a reference if you see a certain character in one of the comics and want to know exactly who he/she is. The characters' names are right above their picture and their description is to the left or right of their picture, depending on which side of the page their picture is on. More characters will be added as the series goes on, so any new characters will be explained here also.


Clinton is a red panda who's always looking to be the star of the show. He's a true-blue thespian who's all about acting and theatre. Clinton is willing to do absolutely anything to be in the spotlight, no matter what the cost. He is very full of himself and can be conceited at times, but as long as he has all the attention, he's happy.
Ollie (short for Oliver) is a cheetah with a loveable amount of spunk and personality. He's not the smartest thespian, but he tries his best to make everyone happy. His best friend is Clinton, whom he is very loyal to. Although he is also striving to be successful in theatre, his loyalty with Clinton with come before his own desires, and Clinton will often take advantage of him in order to get on top. Ollie is unaware of this though, and finds Clinton to be a loyal and trustworthy of a friend as himself. Ollie


Tasha (short for Natasha) is a fennec fox with plenty of talent in style and fashion. She is the head (and only) hair stylist and fashion designer for the drama club. She designs all of their costumes and does all of their hair and makeup with barely any problems. Yet when working with the actors, her work is the least of her problems. Clinton has his eyes set on making Tasha his girlfriend, and he can become quite a nuisance. Still, Tasha can keep her cool...most of the time....
Angelia is a squirrel who's as sweet and kind as she tries to be. Being as popular and pretty as she is, she thinks very highly of herself compared to everyone else. Most of the other girls envy her, which can get to her head quite often, and her efforts to be humble fall short. Her lack of smarts causes her to say the wrong thing at times, and she's seen by the others as being mean and rude. And of course, she finds that those who think she's mean are jealous of her. She also considers Tasha to be her close friend, but because of Angelia's unintentional insults towards her, Tasha does not feel the same way. Angelia


Collin is a very happy go-lucky skunk. He enjoys being in the drama club very much and finds himself to be very lucky to have made all the friends he did there. His only complaint, however, would be that the directors always cast him with girls' part because of his unusually high-pitched voice. Collin complains a lot to the directors of how he wants to be casted as a boy, and they often tell him that they will give him a boy's part in a later show. These claims, however, are yet to be fulfilled.
Leo is a smart and clever polar bear, yet he doesn't always use his smarts for good. Striving to be a future scam artist, he uses his wit to try to sell various items to the other kids, despite what the quality of the item may be. He'll tell his customers anything to get their cash in his pockets, which has given him a bad reputation. He has no intention of becoming an actor, but instead uses the drama club to find kids to buy his stuff. Leo


A shy and timid kangaroo, Lamar is not one to strive for putting himself under the spotlight. He would much rather blend into the background. He doesn't talk a lot, until someone pushes him over the edge. In the drama club, however, there are plenty of people to do just that.
Fantine is a bat who is far away from home, which happens to be France. She is still learning about American culture, and she often complains about the strange customs the other kids have. Fantine still has a very strong French accent, so not many of the kids can understand her fully.


Fynn is a flamingo with style and cleanliness. He doesn't usually hang out with the boys; instead, he would rather chat with all the girls in the drama club. He's very feminine, and cares about his looks a lot. Fynn has to make sure that his clothes are wrinkle-free and his hair is in perfect, flowing spikes. He also has a huge desire for designer clothing.
Marcus is a rabbit with absolutely no desire to be a thespian. He was forced to join the drama club because of his low grades in English class, and he's not too pleased about all the drama losers cramping his style. Usually Marcus is very popular around school, but in the drama club, he is very out of place. He doesn't always understand what the thespians say at times, and he also loses his temper very easily.  Marcus


Deacon is a deer, and he is also the heartthrob of the drama club. His good looks, charm, and super chill personality never fail to impress the ladies. Deacon's not much of an actor, but there's no doubt that he can always get a part where everyone can see his handsome face. 
Lily is a shi-tzu who is very sweet and kind to everyone she meets. She's always giving out compliments to people, especially Angelia, whom she is very envious of. Sort-spoken at times, Lily will have trouble getting her point across to people. She would never think of insulting anyone she knows, and she often refuses to accept when someone is being rude or mean to her. Lily


Jasper is a wolf who is not afraid to pick a fight. He's a lot stronger and more athletic than the other kids in the drama club. Jasper can also have a temper at times, but he tries his best to calm down when he has to. He also has a desire to become an actor, but he keeps it a secret from the other kids.
Tawny is a cow who is very sporty and athletic. She plays many sports and is involved in many activities besides drama club. She's your average perfectionist, striving to achieve any goal that comes her way. Tawny is an overachiever and will take on many responsibilities at once. She does whatever she can to make sure than she keeps her promises and is successful in everything that she tries. Tawny


Winnie is a mouse who has unusual dreams and an even more unusual lifestyle. She believes that she was "born to entertain", and hopes to become a performer with many different skills when she grows up. She works on mastering many different forms of entertainment, such as magic, juggling, tap dancing, and much more. Winnie is very active in the drama club and is sociable towards the other kids, but they sometimes find her a little "odd".
Daphne is a gopher, and she is also in charge of set design. Although some of the actors will take part in making the set, it is her who makes the vision for the scene. Daphne is no expert in set design. In fact, she barely know anything about designing. Still, she manages to get her vision across the stage. Daphne

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